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My new paintings for the upcoming Melbourne Art Fair are being previewed at Gallery One, Gold Coast until August 4th. Join my website mailing list for all the information. #joelrea #joelreaart #joelreaartist #galleryone #joelreapaintings #melbourneartfair #melbourneartfair2014 by joelrea
By #BarryMcGee @barrymcgeeart by upperplayground
So I struggled and pushed the entire way through this piece but I’m not happy with how she turned out :( I feel I didn’t capture the emotion I wanted and the colours are not what I wanted either. The struggle began with the paper which wouldn’t take the medium properly. I should have stopped and started again but I thought I could fix her as I went. But not to worry, lots learnt! I’m still really happy with the idea so I’ve started again, this time with different paper, working smaller and using more pencils. Fingers crossed! Also learnt I don’t like working large!! #panpastel by becwinnel
More old sketchbook drawings! 2008-2009 View to view the rest! -OLI #elioli #elioliart #art #old sketchbook by elioliart
For @katstockton (the talented street artist that did this piece) 😁 by ohsokeeks
#wcw Weird Gal Yankovic by hanksynyc
😬still painting!! by kellyeden
#KrogStreetTunnel #streetart #art #grafitti by embers_media
by joekingatl
MARTA fashion? by joekingatl
Of course the time I leave my camera at home, I run into this guy. Had to snap a pic with my phone anyway. He was making farm animal noises at passing pedestrians. “Got to make the best of it,” he said. by humansofny
'Coaxing Visions & Tidal Waves' 18x24 Framed antique gold and deep matted. Email to purchase or inquire on availability at: by _fernbeds_
hello by sefayamak
I’d like it if we could keep seeing each other, #Berlin. by taylurk
Today I’m in SF, helping @rat136 install his show at @spoke_art. This is a little peek, but it’s looking AMAZING! Swing by Spoke this Saturday evening to see the entire show. by davecorreia